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Chapter 1 A Proficiency for Strange – Page 11

Chapter 1 A Proficiency for Strange – Page 11 published on 1 Comment on Chapter 1 A Proficiency for Strange – Page 11

Getting this one up earlier than last weeks but I could still get a little ahead so comics start going up at midnight.

Over the weekend, I did work on the outline and script up to page 28. I’m thinking the chapter will go to 30. I also have the comics for the next month planned or two planned. I’m hoping I can get some time to work on getting a bunch backlogged.

I was really wanting to do a special next month where I upload a comic for 3 days in a row to get the chapter finished out. I’m really hoping to get chapter 2 started before fall. However, to do that I need to really get rolling with how I am planning everything.

Wish me luck and here is this week’s comic!

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Late Comic This Week

Late Comic This Week published on No Comments on Late Comic This Week

Sorry to anyone following the story so far. This week’s comic is going to be a bit late.

I’m just getting back home from leaving town last Wednesday when my grandfather passed away. I ended up being with my family all weekend until the funeral.

Things should start to even back out but because of being gone I’ll be needing to work extra every day to just get caught up on my day job.

I’m really hoping to get the comic finished tomorrow but it’s hard to say if it will happen or not with everything going on.

Keep an eye out for the update. Next week’s comic should be on time like usual.

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